Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Feast 2006!  おごちそう!

Our Christmas party this year, simply put, was a feast. Not a party. The food, fit for kings. Unfortunatly only a small fraction of the dishes were photographed and categorized. Sorry! Next time we'll do the media right. Again thank you to Yuko I. for her Hollywood pizzas and to Miki K. for her seven (or eight) cakes. Yuki Kikuchi again ran security. Thanks! Also thank you to the many guests who stayed and helped with the clean up. Alas, we'd like to thank Kawaiさん for helping make this one of the most exciting parties yet. We hope to see more of him and his crew. Thank you! Stay tuned for the video! Here's the menu for "The Feast 2006"! All prepared by our very own Yoko Honda. 素晴らしい!
Menu めーニュー
Yuko I さん wins "best Christmas spirit" award!

Welcome back from NZ!

Stephen struts his stuff. I need to get one of those...
Yoshimi speaks Spanish. She just doesn't know it yet.

Friends for life! We love you!

The master organizer takes a break and finally lets somebody else throw a party. Thanks Kawaiさん!

Stephen devolves back to his primal self. Take it easy there bro.

A french turkey! What's the difference between French turkeys and American turkeys? The honest truth is that American turkeys are cleaner. No lie. French turkeys are purposely dressed with some of the innards remaining. Also all French turkeys are 4.2 kilos. American turkeys vary in weight.

But we needed a South African to "festively murder" the turkey.

The golfers have to sit after playing through.

Yuko Iさん’s Hollywood Pizza! きれい!

More food coming!

One of Miki's many cakes. Sorry I didn't get all of them on camera this time! How many did you bake? Seven? Eight? They were all delicious!

Who is the most genki in this picture?

The French think we are "iikagen" but let your tongue be the judge.
Enjoying Miki's desserts.

Happy Birthday Motokoさん!

"We wear black on the outside because black is how we feel on the inside. "
Thanks for the wine Aki!

One of Miki's tarts getting devoured.
Lisa sorry I didn't get a photo of your treats. They were engulfed too quickly. Thanks again!

Yuko I. sporting the latest Santa wear and always helping serve.

Mizue is a big believer in foot care.
Yuki can't get enough of Miki!
Yuko displays the
This S. African wine blows away that French B

Yes, we are lifers.
What Yuko only made 14 pizzas this time?
I love this "ethnic" sushi!!

I told you not to over do it. Eighteen items on the menu is over doing it.

Machi in heaven.

Yumi resting after a hard day of carrying engine blocks.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to go to the gym tomorrow.

Ok, it's a deal. Cash up front though. No furikomi business.

"I'm back."

There he is!

No, no!

Good job mate. You don't want to spray champagne on the sound system. What would we do if Morrissey were muzzled?

"To me you are a work of..."

Ain't nothing but a "g" thang bro.

えええ?!You drank the worm in the tequilla?!?

Yes, tonight's my lucky night!

And Dr. Yendo is now going to divulge details of the "Yendo Tube"...

This pizza rules. Yuko really made it?
Kawaiさん at work!
Dr. Endo demonstrates the proper way to split chopsticks by applying pressure in just the right place.

It's all his fault!

Is this how you Americans do it?

Ok, ok I got my coat.

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm. . .

Only drunk gaijin forget their coats. We're Japanese.

Peace out.

Yoko Honda the master chef needs a break and hug from the guy who "made me cook for two days straight!" ごめんなさい!

...and always special "salut" to Miki K. and Yuko I! Yoko and I hope you keep helping with your delicious contributions!