Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007!

Well, another Turkey Day has come and gone. 2007 Thanksgiving at the Issha school was...crowded like always... but the food and company superb, as always! The main thanks goes to our very own Yoko Honda for the main dinner menu and to Shigeko from Meitokaen flower shop. Shigeko made three wonderful and healthy dishes! Final thanks to Miki our very special cake lady. She made Thanksgiving sweets this time and they were thoroughly enjoyed by all the guests! Last but not least, Melinda made the mashed potatoes using an old family recipe. They were gone before I had a chance to try them...

This year we had two turkeys to keep up with the demand of a new generation of Japanese turkey lovers.

Here are the lovely Saki and Satoko taking a break from their studies to display one of the Shigeko salads!

Here Michisan tries his best to look pretty. Good try Michi. Another Shigeko salad!

This pie is awesome!

What a spread!

What a spread 2!

Go ahead, eat! 食べや!

Shigeko ground chicken over rice dish!

Shigeko onion salad!

Dr. Endo heating up.

Hiroko doesn't know what to grab first...

Deviled eggs by Sean and Chihiro! They were delicious!

No, not so close!

Miki cake 1!

Miki sweets 2!

Miki apple pies!

Miki fruit tart!

Miki pumkin pudding!

Mona is ready to dig in!

Happy Birthday Miki!

Miki acts surprised!

Really for me...but I made it!

This picture says it all!

And it's Coach's birthday too!

Another Thanksgiving comes to an was a good one.