Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lisa先生’s Farewell Bash! 2007

Lisa Berry left Advantage English at the end of summer, 2007. She went off to Nepal but said she plans on coming back to AE in 2008! We hope so! The pictures below are of her farewell party. A special thanks to Manoさん and Nukinaさん for their social dance show and lesson. Also thanks to Hatsuki for showing us your ballet moves! The party food was great as always with Shigeko, Yuko I, Melinda, Raul and Yoko cooking up several ethnic dishes. Lisa made her signature rice krispies and of course Miki K. made the delicious cakes!

Lisa already sporting the Nepali fashion!

No, I won't let you go!

Miki sweets!

More Miki sweets!

Fruit tart!

Shigeko food!

Wanna use my chopsticks?

Bob on the prowl.

Ok, let me make sure I got it.

Lisa shows she has the moves.

Hatsuki is a fast learner of the social dances.

Kiyomi the instructor.

Keep trying Satoshi!

Yes, it sure is. The weather will forever haunt you.

The two Napal freaks!

We'll miss you Lisa! Come back!

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Lisa said...

SUNDAR!!! Beautiful Pics!!! Domo Arigato tomodachi! Miss you all! Pictures of Nepal on their way.

- Lisa Sensei