Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hanami 2008!

The cherry blossoms came a bit early in 2008. The timing didn't matter though. We were just happy to finally have a hanami party. Unfortunately, in years past, our parties had coincided with bouts of rain or freezing weather. This year, we decided to avoid the crowds and have the party in the park near Issha school. The party was announced the day before so many friends and students were unable to attend. So that just meant more delicious food for those who came!

Wow! These flowers just shine in the dark!

Cheers! Wait? What's up with that "Zero" stuff?

Strawberries and sashimi!

and Korean rolls!

Looks yummy!!!

An offering to the tree gods...


Richado arrives on his new bike.

Satoshi to the rescue!

I rule hanami! (Too many Zeros?)