Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Pecks

Congratulations to our very own Steven Peck and Noriko (once our very own...) !!
Great wedding party guys!


You want some more geso?

" I-22 "

Hey, long time no see!

I won the WII!!!!!

It's time.

I'm gonna kill it.



More, give me more!

Why didn't you ask me to make your cake?

What? No 50's music?


Hey, slow down there buddy.

I'm gonna win!

I still don't have any...

Machi the Japanese and Yumi the mechanic.

Reduced to children...

I am the champion!

I finally get a day off for my wedding.

These are my girls...

We'll miss you Jack...

Kaz pulled himself away from Vegas for this event.


My wife made me do it.

Ok, don't get scared.

Ok, here's your bingo card. Now fork over the cash.