Sunday, November 26, 2006

AE Thanksgiving Party 2006

Advantage English would first of all like to thank; Yuko I, Miki K, Yuki, and Shigeko for their hard work before and during the party. We'd also like to thank the assistants like, Noriko Kimoto and Satoshi and the many others who helped clean up! Thanks to you and all the guests, Advantage English's Thanksgiving 2006 Party was a smashing success! Maybe the best ever??

I'd like to also take this opportunity to announce the Christmas Party! t will be held December 23rd, Saturday, 12月23日一社教室 at the same location. It will start from 7:00 to 7:30. Please reserve early because we will have to keep the number down to around 50 people. We are already planning a special menu! (Since Hondaさん missed this party, she said she wants to cook something special!) Mailメール me to make a reservation 予約.
If you haven't seen our homepage recently, check out the new pictures!
Thanks again everybody!
Raul A. Boggio

Yuko I. getting ready to hurt the turkey!

Just one of Miki K.'s many delicious cakes!

Ryokoさん wants the first piece!

Look at all that pasta by Yuko I!

A feast!

The "mad scientist", Dr. Yendo, explaining how the discovery of microwave radiation proved the theory of the expanding universe. It seems they didn't get a "bang" out of his company though...

We just want to expand our bellies.

Miki's cheeze cake, fruit tart and...

Shigeko made chimaki!

Satoshi packing away the chimaki.

Taking home Yuko's homemade pizza! Yeah!!

Hey, Noriko! You got enough cake there?

A toast to the dessert chef...Miki!

Kiyomiさん, next time show us the dance!!

Next day: "You don't have to clean! Let's play!"

One of Shigeko's salads!!

Yuko's avocado canapes!

Whole chicken too! No turkey pictures...eaten too fast!

He ate the turkey's ass!

Nothing like pizza on Thanksgiving!

Shigeko was very impressed with Miki's cakes!

You ready to go dancing!?

I saw you take my stuffing!!

Family fun! Thanks Michiko!