Monday, March 10, 2008

My (Raul's) Birthday and Karaoke Party!

Even though I was against it, at the last minute Yoko and Min threw me a birthday party at Issha. Since it was "my party", I decided to keep it short and then go to karaoke. (Of course we went to the only place that has a decent collection of Smiths and Morrissey.)

We had wine and cheese before the karaoke and Yoko and Min did a beautiful job of preparing everything. Thank you so much! I'd also like to thank Mika and Shizuka for making cakes! They were delicious!

And no, you don't get to know my age!

We start the pictures with the beautiful Shizuka in her kimono! She made this cheeze cake too!

Check out this cake! Homemade by Shizuka!

"This cheese is awesome!"

Jack and Callie are fueling up for the karaoke!

Mika you first. You made it!

"You know how to put on kimono by yourself?" すごい!

Another view of the cake.

Hey, it's Michael!

Wow! Bring it on Min!

Hey Chisato is finally away from the food!

Ok, let's go to karaoke!


Mika on the beat

Ok, here it is. Oh, can't see?

Thanks everybody!

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