Monday, April 12, 2010

ワインテイスティング会! April 10th

Free wine tasting event!
無料ワインテイスティング会!Let's "study" about French, German and Italian wine. (Chilean and Australian too.) 9日金曜日にプライベト利き酒もあります。I also have reservations for a private tasting on Friday at 2pm (if interested let me know asap) which is also free but Saturday is more casual.
Bordeaux ボルドー:
2006 Chateau La Raballe (inexpensive blend , 90% メルロMerlot and 10% カベルネCabernet Sauvignon but with high value rating)
2006 Chateau de Brondeau blend: 70% Merlot 20% Cabernet Franc 10% Cabernet Sauvigon. Reviews by Cork'd:
"Color: inky dark purple. Nose: restrained, cherry, pine, pepper. Taste: Nice fruit, especially cherry. Moderated by a little vegetal green, not a huge finish. Good concentration, back end tannins. But at $15 a bottle, this is a good buy. Should be good for 3-5 years still."
The other French wines are as follows:
2007 Vin de Pays De Vauclu Les Plans
2008 Cotes du Rhone Rouge
イタリアとチリとオーストラリアのワイン情報は時間がないし必要ないです。(笑)I don't have time to list the other wines and not really necessary anyway. (hahaha)

Hope to see you there. I'm not sure how many people I can bring... so if you want to go and didn't get an invite, just mail me or click "attend".

"Nothing further than proof nothing wilder than youth
Nothing older than time, nothing sweeter than wine
Nothing physically, recklessly, hopelessly blind"

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