Monday, April 12, 2010


急ですが今晩夜桜行きましょう!花見日和何ので Let's go! 暖かいし!
夜桜は9:30まで、その後は今池のHUCK FINN で飲みましょう!今晩は no charge です!

It's sudden and ill-planned but we're going to see the awesome illuminated sakura at Yamazaki river. It's hanamibiyori, warm and full bloom so we simply must go. I went the other night and it's really worth the effort, I assure you.
Meet at Mizuhoundoujou at 8pm and then we walk. Lights are off at 9:30 then we go to drink at Huck Finn in Imaike. It's free entrance and tripped out Djs for HYPER SPACE REAL JUNK!

Here is the map for 山崎川!

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